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“If everyone is moving forward together then success takes care of itself”…. Henry Ford

At James Cowper Kreston we are passionate about enabling our clients- whether businesses or individuals - and our staff to maximise their potential. That means that we approach each client or member of staff as an individual, not with a pre-set script. We think about your objectives and work with you to help you achieve those.

The most successful businesses and individuals get to where they want to be not just through hard work and selling great products and services but by ensuring that they have the right team around them, and that includes their external advisors. 
Since 1922 James Cowper Kreston has been working with clients, not just as accountants ensuring audit, accounts and tax compliance (although, of course, we are excellent at that), but as an integral part of their team offering a full range of advisory services,  working with them to unlock and maximise the advantage they can take of opportunities.
As we enter a new era  post COVID, now more than ever is the time that you need to be looking forward, understanding the issues that you may face with regulatory changes; with potential tax changes and with structural changes within the wider economy. With James Cowper Kreston working as part of your team, we can help you ensure that you have the right information at your fingertips and the right support alongside you to enable you to make  the right decisions at the right time to achieve your goals and Maximise Your Potential.

We are proud to lead a team of Partners, Directors and staff throughout the Thames Valley, London and South of England who share our passion and are happy to discuss with you how to Maximise Your Potential.

Alex Peal & Sue Staunton 
Managing Partners 

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