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Safety and Security declarations post Brexit

25 November 2020


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A declaration is required to accompany the import entry for all imported goods from the EU from 1 July 2021.  The purpose of the declaration is to provide the UK Border Force with advance notification of arrivals to protect the UK against potential threats such as terrorism and trade in illicit goods.  The requirement already exists for imports from outside the EU, so UK businesses who purchase goods from outside the EU will be familiar with this declaration.  The form is submitted via an online system called “S&S GB”, separate from the system (CHIEF or CDS) where the customs import entry is lodged.

The declaration must be submitted before physical arrival of the goods, depending upon the form of transport, as follows;

Eurotunnel: 1 hour

Short sea journey: 2 hours

Rail: 2 hours

Air: 4 hours

Bulk cargo: 4 hours

Pre-loaded container traffic: 24 hours