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2018 Kreston UK Academies Benchmark Report released.

Wednesday 14 February 2018

The 2018 Academies Benchmark Report has been released by Kreston UK.

 A survey of over 600 Academy schools, the report highlights the current trends and overall health of the sector. It is a vital document for anyone involved with an academy; whether you are a Governor, Head Teacher or School Business Manager, you will find useful and insightful information which will keep you abreast of any changes.

The 2018 report puts focus on the increase in the number of academies who are joining Multi Academy Trusts (MATs); the state of staff pensions and pay; cash reserves and costs which are facing today’s academies. It also looks forward to advise what the future may hold for academy schools with the expected increase in pupil intake.

Darren O’Connor, Partner and Head of Academies at James Cowper Kreston said: “The benchmark report is a truly vital piece of information when working with academy schools. It discusses in detail any triumphs or issues which may be being faced by those in the industry, thus allowing existing academies to make changes to improve themselves, as a both a business and a school.”

James Cowper Kreston provide a range of specialist services, advice and support for established academies, MATs and those schools looking at converting to academy status. They are committed to the sector and look forward to continuing their involvement in it during 2018 and beyond.

To download your copy of the Kreston UK Academies Benchmark Report please click here