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Members Voluntary (Solvent) Liquidation (MVL)

Our experienced, partner / director led team undertake members’ voluntary liquidations (MVLs) which are a statutory process in which a company’s assets are realised and distributed to shareholders in a tax efficient manner so that the company can be dissolved.

Solvent Liquidation (MVL)

A solvent liquidation or Members Voluntary Liquidation ('MVL') is a statutory process in which a company's assets are realised and distributed to the shareholders so that the company can then be dissolved.

An MVL can form part of a wider group reorganisation and we work closely with our tax team in order to ensure efficient tax planning.

If you would like a quote or more information please contact us or see our Guide to solvent liquidations.

Our Services

A MVL can be useful when you are considering:

  • Tax efficiently distributing capital to shareholders when the activities of a company have come to conclusion
  • Streamlining a group structure by eliminating unnecessary companies reducing compliance costs for the group
  • De-merging two or more trading activities of a single company by means of a Section 110 demerger

With the proper indemnities in place we frequently declare initial distributions to shareholders shortly following our appointment as liquidators.

You will be speaking directly with our partners, directors and managers who will provide a bespoke service tailored to your requirements and assurance that your interests are in safe hands.

We can work alongside your existing accountants who can prepare final accounting period financial statements and tax returns.


Recent Assignments

Examples of our recent MVL assignments include:

  • MVL of a family owned company following the retirement of the director/shareholders
  • Assisting with the orderly winding up and MVL of a registered charity, distributing surplus funds to similar charitable organisations
  • MVL of a company on behalf of the executor of the shareholder’s will, distributing surplus funds to the estate
  • Assisting with the orderly winding up and MVL of the UK subsidiary of a large overseas entity
  • Distribution intellectual property rights (IPR) developed by a technology business to investors by means of an MVL


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Please contact us if you would like to arrange to speak with one of our team or request a quote. Our Guide to solvent liquidations provides further useful information.