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Chinese investment in the UK continues to flourish

30 April 2019


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Chinese investment in the UK has been on the rise for some time with many companies thriving. But how successful are overseas businesses in the UK and which sectors are growing the most?

How much are Chinese businesses contributing to the economy?

The latest report from Grant Thornton, the Tou Ying Tracker, which can be found here, lists the combined turnover from the largest 750 companies as £68 billion. This demonstrates the faith that overseas investors place in the UK market and how lucrative their ventures have been.

Which are the best performing sectors?

The Financial services sector is the largest contributor making up 29.8% of the overall turnover with Manufacturing and Industrial in second bringing in 15.4%. Business support services and Tech, Media and Telecoms follow on from them with 14.5% and 11.0% respectively.

What are the benefits of investing in the UK?

While the financial benefits listed above speak for themselves there are other reasons that investing the UK is beneficial for a Chinese business. The report discusses the opportunities in the financial sector to ‘develop knowledge of how Western financial institutions operate’ and the ability to access global distribution channels from the UK for those in the manufacturing industry.

What about Brexit?

It appears that, while Brexit is definitely a factor to consider, it is not deterring the investment from China. Many Chinese businesses are continuing to flourish in the UK and yours could be one of them.

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