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IT, Software & Digital

At James Cowper Kreston we work with many companies developing new and exciting technologies and we bring them a flexible service model that complements their growth and development strategy combined with accessibility to deal with issues as they arise.

Our Involvement

The digital environment is changing all the time with businesses in the sector adapting to new market developments and opportunities with the development of new and innovative technologies.

Clients range from small start-ups to large multinationals and UK subsidiaries of household-name technology companies working in software, app development, web services and all aspects of IT.  We work closely with clients to truly understand their business, to help them grow and maximise their potential.

We believe in being part of the sector in which we operate and like to give back. We are therefore founders and sponsors of the Thames Valley IT Forum; sponsors of Techtonic; regular speakers at events on financial issues and governance for technology based companies.