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Exploring a new business territory can be challenging; full of opportunity but also risk. James Cowper Krestons specialist International Services Team has extensive experience in helping businesses in an international context.

We already provide advice to more than 100 international groups from a large range of sectors including technology, electronics, distribution and manufacturing.  We are a credible alternative to the larger accountancy firms, providing a premium service without the associated premium level of costs.

James Cowper Kreston can offer informed advice to UK businesses expanding into Europe or beyond, whether exploring overseas markets or setting up a factory, office or company.  We can also give invaluable support to investors and businesses wishing to move into the UK marketplace from abroad.  Our expertise in international taxation and business strategy continues to open up a wealth of new possibilities for a diverse range of clients.

We can act as a one stop shop for all your requirements or morely provide a single service.  Whatever your requirement, we have the expertise to meet your needs.