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Sales Ledger Management

Want to focus on what you are good at, let us assist you further by getting involved at an earlier stage of the billing process.

We can help by gathering information to confirm your customer is good for the credit you are giving them, ensure you have the correct legal entity, raise and send your invoices on a timely basis and allocate the receipts accurately.

We can follow this with the credit control services, calling the customer to confirm receipt of the invoice, that they are happy with the charges, and to ensure the payment is received to terms.

Case Study

Web Designer

Issue: The proprietor of the business was busy building amazing web-sites for his customers on a monthly fixed-fee basis and therefore having to manage his own accounts in the evenings and weekends and as many of the customers were paying the same amount each month, the cash allocation became complex.

Solution: Adding the accounts to branded accounting software, allowed both us and the proprietor to access the accounts, moving the vast majority of his clients to a direct debit scheme reduced the amount of time required chasing overdue payments.

Results: Accounts up to date with invoices being sent regularly, proprietor had time to build the business by taking on another web-designer and let him once more enjoy his social life!