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The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and the SEED Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) help smaller higher-risk unquoted trading companies obtain a competitive edge in securing equity funding. It does so by providing income tax and capital gains tax reliefs for investors in qualifying shares in these companies.

EIS delivers income tax relief at 30% to individuals on investments on up to £1,000,000 each tax year and gains on the disposal of EIS shares are exempt from tax after three years so long the qualifying conditions continue to apply.

SEIS is designed to benefit new start up companies. Individuals will be able to invest up to £100,000 each tax year and obtain 50% tax relief. Gains on the disposal of SEIS shares are exempt after three years. An individual who makes a capital gain on another asset and makes an SEIS investment may also save CGT.

Although the tax advantages are substantial, the rules are complex. James Cowper Kreston has developed a high profile and successful specialism in advising companies on EIS and SEIS. We have a strong track record for this kind of work, acting for a wide range of businesses and have won a national award recognising our EIS and SEIS expertise. 

So whether you are an EIS investment fund, a company trying to raise equity finance or an individual looking for tax efficient investments we can help.


Enterprise Investment Scheme

SEED Enterprise Investment Scheme