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James Cowper Kreston works with an increasing number of international businesses, often with a UK subsidiary owned by an international parent.

Many of these companies outsource their finance functions to James Cowper Kreston.  Usually the flexibility of outsourcing is a key issue, particularly in the early days.  There is no need to recruit expensive staff when there is only a requirement for perhaps 1 or 2 days input a month.  Increased outsourcing resources can be made available as the business grows, and eventually the business might look to take on its own staff. 

The confidence which outsourcing gives can also be a key factor.  Overseas companies may not be familiar with accounting, tax and other requirements in the UK, and outsourcing to a firm like James Cowper Kreston means that they can have confidence that the company is doing all the things that it needs to.  It also means that the parent is guaranteed to receive accurate and up to date financial information so that it can monitor the financial performance of its UK business.

Related to the issue of confidence is the fact that outsourcing takes a burden away from both local and overseas management, freeing them up to concentrate on business development and other key issues.  Growing a business in a new market can be very challenging, and focusing on key activities to achieve that growth can be critical.

James Cowper Kreston provides an outsourcing service to both new and also long established and substantial international businesses.  The factors outlined above are often an important part of the business case for outsourcing, albeit that many of the benefits are intangible.  A cost benefit analysis focused purely on financial factors can also demonstrate the suitability of outsourcing.

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