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Credit Control Services

Giving credit is commonplace in most industries, if you don't offer it to your clients they are likely to go to another supplier who will. But how do you ensure that they keep to the terms agreed, does chasing your invoice become a "when someone has some spare time job?"

Your customer or client base is probably the most important asset your business has - not simply because of the amounts that your customers or clients owe you today but because of the future sales potential that resides within that base.

But if your customers or clients are not habitually paying your invoices promptly your working capital requirements begin to increase and with them your financing costs - eroding your ability to manage and grow your business and eating into your profitability. Worse still, if one or more of your customers or clients gets into financial difficulty you risk not being paid at all - and nobody likes providing goods or services for which they ultimately don't get paid. 

Law Firms

How do you deal with Credit Control? Do you have in-house resource? Or is it the responsibility of the Fee-Earners? Or maybe you have considered out-sourcing but not sure where to look for a partner you can trust to understand the relationship you have with your clients?

We have experience of working with private practices, including Law Firms.  Our Credit Controllers are sympathetic to both the fee-earners and the clients whilst remaining firm about recovering payment.

We offer a flexible service that can be tailored to your both your requirements and budgets.

IT Support Companies

In this industry, outsourcing is something you will have heard of.  Possibly, you offer to your clients? But have you considered using someone to assist you with running aspects of your business? 

Who currently does your credit control, maybe you have in-house resource, but is it dedicated or are they dealing with many other tasks and credit control is something that is fitted in between?

Our experienced and qualified credit controllers deal with your clients as if they were our own, we can offer a flexible service that can be tailored to both your requirements and budgets.

Services Include: