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Credit Control Outsourcing

Should you really hire a credit controller? How do you know where to find a good one? How much should you pay them? What happens if they leave?

How about hiring one that doesn’t take holidays, doesn’t need sick leave, doesn’t require the costs of an office, a computer, a telephone?

If you outsource your credit control to us, we will provide you with an expert service from credit controllers who have years of experience, across a large variety of industries.

Making calls in the name of your organisation, your customers/clients need not know of our involvement.  We will keep you regularly up to date with information about expected receipts, record information about disputed invoices and help you resolve them quickly to release payment.

The service can be tailored to your requirements and your budgets, for all or part of your ledger.  If any of your customers or clients  are overseas, we have the language skills required to cover many European languages but - more importantly with many years’ experience of international credit control - we understand their cultures too.

Case Studies

Industrial Engineering Company

Issue: Client was closing local offices to reduce overheads and wanted to outsource the various parts of the finance function including credit control.

Solution: Accessing our client’s systems using remote access, we pro-actively chase the client’s customers before the invoices are due, to ensure that they are received and confirm that there are no issues, we work seamlessly as part of the team liaising with management and sales when necessary.

Results: With the exception of some contractual issues, the aged debt has reduced and maintained at a lower level, the contract has now continued for four years.

“I would like to put in writing my delight at the payment of our oldest outstanding invoice today. As you know, whilst only small, this debt has been outstanding for well over 2 years and payment has been embroiled in foreign red tape. Throughout this time you have not reduced your efforts to actively communicate with the customer and to find ways through the paperwork mountain in order to get settlement.

In my opinion you and your team have gone above and beyond in this matter. It is a clear example of the commitment you have to the Credit Control process and the way in which you show true ownership of our ledgers and the management of them. I could not have had a better service.“ Finance Director


London Family Law Firm

Issue: The firm previously outsourced their credit control, but approx. 2 years ago made the decision to bring it back in house, however they were having difficulties sourcing and retainer a credit controller.  The lack of efficient credit control has resulted in a large % of aged debt, there was a lack of information with regards to the debt exacerbated by the implementation of a new client management system.

Solution: The client therefore searched for a new outsource supplier and contacted Carolyn Hobbs who manages our Credit Control Services team. Carolyn now remotely acts as credit controller, making calls and sending emails in the firm’s name so that the firm’s clients are not aware of a third party being involved.

Results: It is still fairly early days, however there are now regular reviews with the fee earners, there is a shared knowledge of the current position of each account, and a diarised system to ensure all disputes are handled quickly and accounts are followed up on a timely basis. There is a continued growth in the acceptance from the Fee Earners that a good credit controller is required.

“After struggling to replace our previous in-house credit controller we approached Carolyn Hobbs and her team. She has been our credit controller for some time now and she has diligently and professionally taken control of our aged debt in a way that no one else has done. She is persistent, never misses a deadline and does not have to be chased or reminded. The service is not only excellent but means that we can rest assured that our credit control is in safe hands.” Managing Partner