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We are highly experienced in conducting audits of subsidiaries in the UK and group audits of UK companies with overseas subsidiaries.

Many of our clients require our services in the US, Asia, Pacific and Europe, giving us international capability in cross border businesses. James Cowper Kreston's membership of Kreston International means we're well placed to help both UK companies expanding overseas, and overseas companies looking to move into the UK and Europe. Currently ranked as the 13th largest accounting association in the world, Kreston now covers 105 countries with 700 offices providing a resource to over 21,000 professionals and support staff.  We have expertise in IFRS and reporting under US GAAP and understand the specific needs of international businesses.

Whilst undertaking a robust and technically advanced audit, James Cowper Kreston will take the time to form a deep understanding of your business, looking way beyond the numbers to see what really makes the business tick.  We will use the audit process as a platform to provide real business advice, helping you to grow and develop your business.

Having independent and unbiased confirmation of the businesses financial position and processes are useful for a variety of reasons:

  • An audit adds to the reliability and credibility to the published financial statements. This may be particularly useful to potential purchasers if the business owner(s) are planning to sell the business in the next few years.
  • Undertaking an audit will enable your advisors to measure and offer advice on the businesses Key Performance Indicators which will have real benefit to the running, and profitability, of the business going forward.
  • An audit will provide the stakeholders not directly involved in the day to day accounting function of the business the peace of mind that the numbers are accurate and processes and procedures are in place to minimise the potential for inaccurate accounting and in the worst case scenario, fraud.