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Wealth Advisory Service

The preservation of wealth for our clients is a subject which is very important to us.

We have developed a special Wealth Review report which is designed to help clients understand how their wealth will work for them during their lives. This involves commenting on all aspects of your current financial position and recommending how this can be improved to help you achieve your financial goals.We can review whether your income and capital needs are likely to be met and suggest ways in which your current position can be improved, either through maximising tax reliefs, reducing expenditure or achieving better returns.

We can review your investments to determine whether you are obtaining reasonable returns and if you are appropriately diversified. We can either work with your current advisors, or recommend one.We can project your future liability to estate taxes and recommend ways to minimise this. This could involve making lifetime gifts, using lifetime trusts or tax efficient wills. We work closely with tax lawyers who deal with the legal aspects.

Our services include the following:

  • Tax mitigation
  • Asset Protection
  • Succession, exit and retirement planning
  • Helping you determine your immediate needs and long term objectives
  • Reviewing your long term wealth strategy, or putting one in place
  • Establishing if you have net disposable income to invest, or if you are living off capital
  • Help you ensure that your income and capital requirements will be met 

Our objective is to ensure that you maximise your wealth across the generations. We would be pleased to discuss how we can assist you with this.