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Accounting requirements are becoming increasingly complicated and time-consuming, stretching internal resources. Faced with this, many companies are discovering the major benefits of outsourcing. James Cowper Kreston can supply flexible support, leaving you to concentrate on running your business.

Our outsourcing service allows you to draw on our range of experts with total flexibility. Working with you for as little as half a day a month, through to a full-time secondment, they will field challenges on your behalf, cutting through complexities that might otherwise bring you to a halt.

We understand that outsourcing is not only about cost saving, but also improving efficiency, flexibility, speed and control. So, we work closely with you to understand your business and help you meet your objectives.

As well as professional accountants, our team also consists of many experts who have broader experience in the ‘real world’. We therefore understand the business arena inside out, and appreciate the pressures facing companies today.

We don't just prepare management accounts - we can offer accounts training to your staff and help you implement new systems.

Outsourcing enables you to

  • Focus on core activities/free up management time
  • Have confidence in your accounting records
  • Have better controls and risk management
  • Access a flexible service that suits your changing needs
  • Have constant access to specialist services
  • Reduce the hidden costs of employment
  • Reduce time on year-end accounts
  • Have access to reliable and timely information.

For more information please contact: Karen Turner, Outsourcing Manager, James Cowper Kreston LLP, Tel:+44(0) 1635 35255 or email.

Payroll Services

Whether you’ve a handful of staff or several hundred, you can outsource all your payroll processing needs to our BACS-approved payroll bureau. We’ll manage your data processing and end-of-year payroll returns and keep you abreast of any changes in statutory requirements. Our payroll service is surprisingly cost-effective, releasing you and your staff to get on with what you do best.

For more information please visit JC Payroll Services Ltd.

What about international employees?

In an ever-increasing global economy, many companies need to look beyond the UK to maximise business opportunities. This often leads to movements of staff, both into and out of the UK, to ensure the required skill sets are matched. We have vast experience in managing International payrolls, both inbound and outbound, and already do so for many global employers. For more information click here.